SSVCF has no paid staff.  It is an all volunteer operation run entirely by San Jose Earthquakes fans.  If you’re a Quakes fan who wants to feel “part of the team” by indirectly assisting the Earthquakes through directly volunteering to help the least privileged within the soccer-loving community here in the Bay Area or even abroad, then you will want to get involved with SSVCF.

We have a number of ongoing projects to choose from in which you will work closely with fellow fans and former and present players.  Each project has its own webpage on this site (which you can access to learn more) and each project has its own working group or committee of Quakes fan volunteers and, in many cases, community partners with whom we work. You can volunteer for as many SSVCF projects as your time, energy and interest allows.  Or maybe you have an idea for a project of your own?   After all, the more fans we have involved, the more we can do.

We are also always interested in fan volunteers to help us with the “back office” administrative aspects of running the foundation and in putting on our annual fundraising dinner.

To join us, send an email to Tony Huston, SSVCF President, at